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European Patent Validations

We are multilingual, dynamic, and responsive individuals who can conduct European Patent validations in the best possible approach. We are also constantly prepared to promptly address the requests and inquiries of our clients.

Professionally handled translations

The most important factor in validating European patents is high-quality translation. Due to the Regulation showing the implementation of the European Patent agreement  in Turkish jurisdiction, a lack of quality may be fatal to enforcement as mentioned above.

Sincore IP has experienced translators, all specialized in patent language and terminology as well as qualified in all fields of science and technology such as chemistry, electronics, mechanics, pharmaceuticals etc.

We always double check the translations with our patent attorneys competent in the regulation and experts in the relevant technical field.


Communication and transparency

We simply take instructions by email. The only information needed is the European Patent number. Our team is able to download all the necessary documents from the European Patent Register.

Indication of special needs based on the file is simply enough. We take every request of our client into consideration. You will pay what you asked for.

We always comply with clients’ specific time limits without regarding deadlines. Our client’s priority is our priority.

The copies of Turkish translations are provided in an editable format after validating the European patents in Turkey together with official filing documents and confirmation.  Some of our clients request a pre-review for the translations before filing. We are always transparent and ready to provide all requests.

In need of instant information, our clients may reach us anytime online via booking online consultancy for free or via Whatsapp or email please refer to our website’s contact and online consultancy pages.


Cost-effectiveness and flexibility on quoting

We offer to save almost 40% in translation costs for a single file and much more in the case of bulk orders of European patent validation. We have the power to handle the workload with competitive prices.

You will have a single invoice issued upon completion of the work. 

Based on our client’s needs as a tailor made solution we are able to provide our cost estimation accordingly with pre-determined numbers of words of the original text provided by clients,

In order to maintain price clarity, our clients may always request fixed fees for Turkish translations of European patents without taking into account the subsequent quantities of words or characters.

Since everything is done online, there are no hidden fees associated with your request because we never apply disbursements.

In divisional cases, we do translations based on parent patents on a comparative basis, allowing for significant translation cost reductions.

Modern Office

Let's Work Together
Requesting a quote or initial advice is free and not obligated, so please do not hesitate to do so.


We would be more than happy to meet.

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