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FTO & Risk analysis

A freedom-to-operate analysis provides an overview of third-party patent rights in a specific geographic and technical region and an evaluation of any barriers hindering the commercialization of your product. At Sincore IP we study on your specific case and prepare our custom made  reports and advice

Confidential Meeting before start

Typically, we arrange private online meetings to better understand your needs and invention. Your intended markets and product plans.

We also have our custom made template for the invention details to be search.

We value the ideas of our clients and understand the significance of disclosing inventions to other parties. Thus, our clients might at any time request an NDA.


Searching and presenting the report

To assess the IP risk, we frequently also do searches for design patents, trademarks, copyrights, and competing products. We may undertake a litigation search to find out how litigious a third-party patent holder has been in relation to and defending its intellectual property rights if we discover anything of concern. Your attorney will draft the FTO once the searches are complete and she or he has determined that you are free to move forward with introducing your product, procedure, or service. In essence, the FTO ruling might provide a business the go-ahead to market a good, a method, or a service while protecting it against a subsequent judicial determination of willful infringement and exposure to increased damages resulting from willful infringing activities.



We have simple, open and easy communication policy. It is important to understand your needs to provide best solutions that way we listen our customers.

Typically we organize two meetings one for to meet and learn more about your invention and plans and expectations.

second one is for present our report. After outcome of the second meeting we prepare final draft of our report and sharing with our clients.

However, this is not a set rule or practice. Our customers can reach us at any time via phone, email, or through our online consultation platform.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Let's Work Together
Requesting a quote or initial advice is free and not obligated, so please do not hesitate to do so.


We would be more than happy to meet.

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