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Sincore Intellectual Property Consultancy (Sincore IP) is a service provider (henceforth “we”, “us” or “our”) attaching importance to the privacy in terms of its business field.

The present Privacy Policy involves information and explanations regarding the way that we are protecting the visitors’ information which are collected by this website.

By accessing this website, you hereby accept that the information pertaining to you mentioned in this Privacy Policy is used.

Within this Privacy Policy, it is expressed how you will control accuracy of the said information and how you will ask the said information to be deleted. We will perform any required actions to protect and process the said information in accordance with the existing and valid information protection regulations

In case you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us by our section  “Contact Us” in this website.

Collecting Personal Information

You do not have to share any information for using this website or browsing in this website. This website is only collecting the information voluntarily and consciously shared by the visitors. The shared information typically cover name, business title, company address, e-mail address, phone or fax numbers.

We can keep the information that you shared with us through blogs, forums, wikis or other social media channels. We do not request the sensitive information (religious beliefs, criminal records, race/ethnical roots, physical or mental health, or sexual preferences) of the website visitors. Where necessary, we clearly and evidently ask approval from the users to collect and use this kind of information.

Log Files, Cookies and Web Beacons

This website is collecting the standard log data such as IP address, type and language of web browser, and access times through Google Analytics.

We or our service provider can use “Cookies” (usually small text files, given ID tags that are stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders) or “Web Beacons” (a transparent graphic image placed on a Web site or in an email and used to monitor the behaviour of the user) for collecting mass data to provide the optimal management of the website or in order that the website can be used in the best way. Please visit “Cookies” section to know how we are using and controlling these cookies and other tracking applications

Use of Data

You can occasionally need to share your personal information via this website. In this case, the information you have shared will be used in order that we can respond to your demands, develop our services that we are providing for you, enable that you can use our website more effectively or you can more personally experience the website.

Your personal information can be used for marketing or promotional purpose, and we can send messages based on this information. We can also contact you to have feedback about our services or for the marketing searches.

Your personal information can be used to protect the rights or assets of us or our users or to comply with the legal processing.  

You can always ask us to stop the e-mails and notifications that we are sending you on the basis of the personal information you shared through this website.

Sharing the Data with Third Parties

We can share your personal information for sharing news and updates that may attract your attention or within the scope of marketing or general surveys that we are conducting. This may cover the transfer of personal information to the countries or regions where data security regulations, existing in your location or region, are not available

Within the scope of the legal and regulatory liabilities and requirements, the personal information can be shared with the police forces/security forces, regulatory agencies or other governmental agencies.

You are deemed to accept the above mentioned disclosure polices by sharing information through this website.

Blogs, Forums, Wikis and Other Social Media Applications

This website can provide a platform for blog, forum, wiki and other social media applications and services (“Social Media Applications”) enabling you to share contents with other internet users.

Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility in any way if the personal information or another information that you have shared through the Social Media Applications is used or misused or abused.

Accessing Information

The visitors who want to access their information, update their details or do not want to get any informational messages any longer should contact the web administrator by use of the section  “Contact Us” of this website.

In any case, we will be handling the requests for information access and information updates within the scope of the appropriate legal requirements.

Data Security

We have the proper technologies and operational security standards to protect all the information that the users shared through this website from any unauthorized access, sharing and changing or destruction.

We are using the customary standard technologies or business security methods to protect the information shared by the users through this website or the information stored by the website.

Amendments on the Privacy Policy

We recommend that you keep track of the Privacy Policy of our website on a regular basis or where you need it necessary. We reserve our right to amend our Privacy Policy anytime or for any reasons.

We will change the update date on the top of the page when we update our Privacy Policy. Any updates will be valid as from the update date.

Protection of Children’s Security

We are aware of protecting the privacy of the children in the online environment. This website has not been designed for the children aged 16 or younger ones. We do not have any policies to collect or keep information of the children aged 16 or younger ones.

Visitors’ Questions

Please contact us by the section  “Contact Us” if you have any questions or concerns about your privacy rights while using this website.

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